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More Club Shots

And here for you entertainment and quizzical trials:

Guess what this is?

A little macro shot that leaves one wondering what she was baking,

though the answer has nothing to do with baking.

It’s a more meaty solution than that.

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Some of the Little Guys

Sometimes one needs to look down, way down

and notice the little things in life and shoot them, too.

This is for all the blockheads typing on my keyboard.

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Last Stand

There is deep beauty in color.

We Peppers Three of Color

It is often that as the darkness closes in we search for ways to survive as we are, vibrant and full of color,
forgetting for what purpose color was given to us in the first place.

We claimed it as our own, demanded that we deserve privilege because of our color.
We forget that we have already begun to wither, turn grey, the end is so close.

While the original purpose may still be served, it is inspite of us.

Instead as we take our last stand, let us celebrate our color as the gift and responsibility it is.

Let the light shine softly, brightly, just rightly that many may be awestruck at our colors.

And if that be our undoing, so be it: for this we came, to reflect the light.