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The Mistake that Did

This is one of those mistake shots, where the camera goes off when you didn’t plan it.

The sun is out.

The colours, light and patterns are … ?

where was this taken anyway?

Like much of life, it’s the mistakes that we learn from,

if we know how we made them.

And much of the joy of life is enjoying the mistakes we make, as they are enjoyable, and enjoying the mistakes of others,

all with grace.

Travelling Late

When the world comes at you in lights, well … I find it hard not to capture it.

Taken next to the driver as a truck passes with another on the way.


In memorium to all the bugs that smeared the windshield as their last act.

More Testing

More willing subjects. This time the best shots from among a number of test subjects.

Not quite the grad age, but great expressions, colours and light.

Quite a Few Years until Graduation

She has just a few years left until graduation starting school.

Getting There

And this good young man is considerably closer to his grad year.

There’s some more looks to work on, and a bit more to refine these.