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It’s A Festive Kick-off

When you see this around Estevan, you know something is up, some parade, some celebration, some wedding …

Something BIG.

And that’s not all.

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I was present for a baptism yesterday, took some photos and was asked to blog some of them, so here they are.

Now I was not directing most of the shots, and it’s playing for the first time with two lenses, so there’s fun in it all around.

And there are more:

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April Fool

Out on a photo shoot, two friends had my camera at different times and one of them took this shot of me. Fortunately I ended up with it on my camera so no one would see it.

But that’s the April Fool for you, showing off the worst photo of the lot of himself.

Actually there were worse photos.

Have a great April Fools Day, all of you fools out there.

Oh, you say, it’s April Fool’s Day? What a little apostrophe does to us! Leaving me in a crowd all by myself, the only fool. Or …?