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More Club Shots

And here for you entertainment and quizzical trials:

Guess what this is?

A little macro shot that leaves one wondering what she was baking,

though the answer has nothing to do with baking.

It’s a more meaty solution than that.

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Smile Outloud
They'll wonder what you're up to!

They'll wonder what you're up to!

A test of the 27mm extension tube for marco work.

Laughing all the way.

Lens Returned to the Land of Wind

Just came back with the 70-300 Nikon lens.

A half year ago it started to forget how to focus, running the motor noisily and wildly from end to end, after just 10 uses. Which was about 6 months into the life of it with me.

So I guess I didn’t use it a lot. Understatement #1.

Off to warranty it went, but only after I let it sit in disappointment on my desk for months.

First thing back, I tested it from one end to the other, and it works.

Of course today just had to be a heavy prairie wind day gusty nicely to help the sailboats speed along. Understatement #2 and fib #1: there are no sailboats here abouts.

There are a few trees. So I tried a shot of one at 70 mm, including some nice orange shale to contrast with the blue sky.

Tree in Wind

And then a shot of the same tree at 300mm, no shale, just tree and sky, not even a trail of a jet.

Windy Tree Top

Kudos to Nikon for a good fix.

And I’ll see if I can put it to more use in the coming weeks, making sure it’s still working well, and to make good use of the lens.