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Solitude on the Red

While at a retreat centre with lots of other boisterously funny people, all bursting with stress relief, I took an early morning walk to the river.

Up on to the flood dikes, along the top for a .5 mile and down across the .25 mile approach to the river itself.

Across the rivere one could see these two houses, one huge castle-like and fancy, the other a small 2 story walkup

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Holiday Moose

My sister gave me this neat little moose, dressed for the holidays.

So I set up the lights and sat down to use all the lenses to see the results.

The 70-300 did the best here:

Chocolate Moose

Now to either decide to consume the chocolate under this guy’s smiley exterior or to preserve it somehow.

Cute things ought to be other than chocolate … hmmm …. what to do!!!?

Geese in Flight

It’s that time when the birds flock together, spending the nights on the reservoirs and swarming to feed on the harvested fields by day.

At day break, waiting at the reseroir edge one can find the flocks posing for photos, not as individuals but as masses of fowl.



The photograhic challenge is to get a formation without a border merge from amongst the huge flock.