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Finished Poster

The Concert Poster was just sent back to me, finished, ready to be published.

So if you happen to be in Saskatoon there’s a concert worth taking in.

Photo Club

For a few years I’ve held together the Estevan Photo Club.

It’s a good crowd of people, together to learn from each other everything and anything about photography.

With the Olympic Hockey game scheduled for our last photo share, the turn out was terrific, if small.

So I offered to post their one photo to share here.

Some marvelous photos, as always.

Red Rooster Barn

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Solitude on the Red

While at a retreat centre with lots of other boisterously funny people, all bursting with stress relief, I took an early morning walk to the river.

Up on to the flood dikes, along the top for a .5 mile and down across the .25 mileĀ approach to the river itself.

Across the rivere one could see these two houses, one huge castle-like and fancy, the other a small 2 story walkup

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