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Christ in Risen!

The sun shines as I wake, tired from a late night interrupted by sleepess-interruptuss, after a draining day of flying.

So I missed the sunrise. Well I didn’t miss seeing, I just missed being atop the hill at sunrise with my camera.

The sunrise was muted-ly glorious.

But me, I lay down to sleep another half hour.


Bone weary tired and old, all out of airĀ …

But then with a little son-shine, even the tired can be resurrected, Right?

Or in some cases, filled with a bunch of hot air, anyway.

Some call it fluff, others call it the Holy Spirit. But we all need some of it, sometime.

We all get it, whether we like it or not. Now what are we going to do with it?

That’s where the rubber should hit the road, not just let all that air go back into the atmosphere.

The Mistake that Did

This is one of those mistake shots, where the camera goes off when you didn’t plan it.

The sun is out.

The colours, light and patterns are … ?

where was this taken anyway?

Like much of life, it’s the mistakes that we learn from,

if we know how we made them.

And much of the joy of life is enjoying the mistakes we make, as they are enjoyable, and enjoying the mistakes of others,

all with grace.

Ice Fog

“The Fog settled in over the valley,
leaving Jed to wonder if the sun was still to be seen this winter again.
So dark, so close, so … quiet.

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