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All Broken Up

All Broken Up

There is little to explain about this photo; it just expresses how we are all broken, even at the downtown church as reflected in the building across the road. All mirrors. Hot stuff, or broken stuff or just stuff.
Regardless we find in all things what we need to find, whether it is a puzzle easily solved or a frament of experience that gives us everything we’ve been looking for.
As the year comes to a close, may you have found the most important moments for the year that was, and for the year ahead may you find the right moments to make everything precious.

Lonely Big Barn

On the way to the Moose Mountains to walk and shoot in the hills, (it’s really not mountains except compared to the surrounding prairie that extends farther than you can see) in the trees, and in the snow, we came upon a few old buildings, including this big barn.

Big Lonely Barn
Across the prairie it looks lonely, even though the house and garage (built like a smaller barn), sheds and grain pile fill this small yard quite well. The lack of trees to break the wind make it feel isolated. Though we can drive for hours, it takes driving for hours to get to differing landscape. Constant is the wind, but today that let up a bit to allow for an enjoyable outing at just under freezing temperatures. A reprieve from the intense cold, which hit us early in December and hung on for a few weeks.

Home Sweet Junk

When we built our new house, we placed it on a high spot which used to be part of a pasture for the farm animals, right in the middle of a shale deposit that had been mined right down to the hardpan. Out beyond the parking area there was this small draw into which the farmer had depositted old metal junk, machinery and tanks and implements.

The only good reason for me not to clean it up (other than procrastination and lack of a tractor to dig the stuff out) is that on those days when I do not have time to get out and away to shoot it provides a right in my face pile of possible shots. And they are only of junk, but still interesting exercises.

The days since Christmas have been working days (flying and photography planning/learning), with all my other time taken up with family activities. This is all great, except something is missing when I cannot go out to shoot for a few hours at least, and come home with images to work on. So this old wheel is the work so far today. Later today I’ll be out shooting again, if things go well.

Not Buried and Gone