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Walking Bridge

I’d forgotten this great walker’s bridge was there spanning the river, but rediscovered it at our photo club shoot this afternoon.

This leading line is a bit strong, but I was playing and kind of liking the play’s results.

Walking Bridge

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing comes in many flavours.

The reasonably comfortable (but without satellite HD large screen TV, kitchen, fridge, microwave, shower, beds and storage for the snowmobiles) …

Ice Fishing House


the bare minimum ….


Ice Fishing Bare


This later requires a few more anti-chill pills, unless the weather is just right,

as it was this afternoon.

Regardless, ice fishing is an exercise in cool solitude … or?

Shed Ahead

Driving out to pick up some essentials we went past this shed, and “honest to gosh it looked just like this” ….

Shed Ahead

… in my imagination knowing what I could do with it in the software.


So I shot it up, dragged it down, pumped it up, combined it all together and pushed it out.
That’s what you get: reality on steroids.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to get something besides the great white to play with during the winter photo excursions.