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Wonderful Winter Light

The snowplow crews have kept our road clear this winter. First within a day of snow a neighbour comes by with a tractor snow-blowing out the middle of the road. Then a day later the city tractor and big snow blower comes by clearing the road to the shoulders. Then within a few days the grader comes by with it’s wide blade and wing blade plowing out the shoulders and laying the snow back in a moving layer. One of the results with the last few heavy snows has been the impact on the neighbours 2×6 fence. Built to withstand pressure from horses inside, the force of the layer of snow against the fence boards is significant and as the snow builds up at the junction of the board to the posts, on a number of the boards the nails cannot hold.

Boards Downed

It has been cold, -34 in the morning with windchill down to below -40, but the afternoons have been warmer, -27 with just a touch of wind. Which makes cross country skiing tremendous. On the river the trees block most of the wind and it gets absolutely toasty and sweaty inside the parka. The views, the light, the snow make for some great photos.

Tree By River

But some of the nicest light is still in plain view as we drive to and from town. It’s one of the benefits of living within earshot of town, yet across two rivers (creeks) and across the valley in one of the best corners so close to town.

Sunset from the Road

The downside is that with this great view I had no boots on to wade out into the snow to frame is just that much better.

Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW, Bright Day, Snow, snow …

It’s been like duck, duck, duck, grey duck, … for the last little while. Little to shoot or lots to shoot and no time even to pause for one shot.

Today the bright showed up for the later part of the day and turned the landscape, filled with snow, into an almost black and white study, right from the eye’s looking out.

Bright Sky Dark


It’s really bright in this shot, but with the exposure set dark, the texture of the clouds shows up and the distant sunshine hitting the ground stands out more.

Common View Backlit

The power plant’s plume back-lit by the bright sun.

Tree Bright


This simple tree set in our yard with the shadow leading. Not perfect, but fun.

And that’s as good as life gets, but photography keeps getting better, day by day.

Tiny Historical Church

On the road lots this past week with little opportunity to stop and shoot, but there are more from this little historical site, an Anglican Church.

Tiny Church


The wind was blowing making it hard to stand without being buffeted about while shooting.

Still it was fun to take a break from driving, and shoot for a few minutes around this church and graveyard.

I’ll bet the education committee does not fight about when to schedule what classes, or the ladies about what to buy next for the kitchen, or what colour to paint the outside of the church, or inside for that matter.