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Not a Meteor

While other parts of the sky saw a meteor brilliant, here it’s just a jet leaving a short contrail above the setting sun.

Someone is going somewhere tonight with plans and hopes. We … we enjoy

a wonderfully pleasant evening it was. Cool and still, blue and orange.

No Meteor

As the light fades, one asks where the light has taken us, and where it will bring us as it rises again.

There is no answer, except what we already know, and what will be known after time passes.

Time: so curious, so relentless, so pliable and rigid.

Spring begins amid the snow and will the summer bring greater or lesser challenges? Who can know before time has passed and the answer is commonly known?

And that is the joy of rising each morning in the cool to walk as the sun rises: to anticipate what may be.

Owl Silhouette

With the sun setting deep orange this owl kept flying one power pole ahead of me, not letting me get a lighted shot of it, nor an up close shot. Though I managed this quick one from the side.


I miss my 70-300 that’s gone on the fritz. Of course I miss even more not having a 600mm. (If only. )

But I love the deep orange possible with the sun setting where it does, through as much atmosphere this time of year.


Bright Afternoon Melt

The days are getting warmer. At least a few degrees above freezing, and with the bright, warming sun the snow is melting leaving an ice sheen across it’s surface.

Together, the sun, the snow and a tree, provide a great silhouette.