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The Light, Oh the Light

Last evening’s photo shoot looked challenged with grey, cloudy, flat light in the late afternoon. Then it promised to be fantastic as the sun made it’s way betwixt the clouds.

But by the time we got out to shoot, it was flat, dull, darkening.

So we used the available light to make things as good as possible.

Crocus Crowd

Oh, the crocuses are out!

Moody Portraits

I met these two kids who willingly posed for some flash photos and their gracious parents gave permission for the photos (my choice of the good ones) to be posted here.

Hooded Girl

It’s the catchlights here.

Boy Smile

And here it’s his almost smile.

The sun, the water, the far island shore, the ice.

Ice! Still ice.

Nice Ice

 A little ice, just nice.

More Ice

 A lot of ice, just cool nice.



A little sheet of ice with weeds.

Weeds, not so nice. Not at all.

But they been with us since the first built a wall, and before, before they stood tall.

Weeds and ice, and that’s not all.