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Starting the Grad Ceremony – Sitting

There is nothing quite like a grad ceremony to either inspire you to new hopes …

or to bore you spitless and convince you the world is burdened by uninspired words. Moreso I just hate sitting on hard chairs for hours while a waiting for someone to speak.

Words are powerful. I guess that’s the take away.

And the beginning of the slideshow by the grads proved just how powerful words can be. That redeemed the rest of the evening. For that, one could tolerate the backache and headache and head shakes. More on that later.

This was the first hour:

The View

The pace improved as the grads paraded the stage to receive their diplomas.

The parade

And like I said, the first portion of the slideshow was spectacular.

But the most fun was while eating, between the parade and the march.

Playing with flash in the stands.

Three Lights

Above the lights are obvious.

Same Three


And here they were down the rail, mostly out of the frame.

Marvelous play with good looking young men in suits.

Grad Ceremony

After eating and playing with light the Grand March began.

With the correct lighting it even became spectacular.

As they marched

And as they entered the march the light made the grads’ great dress and loose demeanor a sight not to miss.








And soon the world will be their responsibility.

And what a show beginning, the reversal reading.

That’s worth getting more people to read. Find me a link to it and it’s here. Or get me the original with permission to post and its here for all to read and ponder!

Grad Ceremony More


Now this is a great friend, for years and years. Brilliant and full of humour, and music.