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Water, Water, Light, Boats

Want to go canoeing today, or perhaps a row about in the boat? “Jump in”, come the calls from the water.

Boat and Canoe“I’ve had enough of this water, floating water, full of salts everywhere. Where’s there water to drink. We’ve got the light but without fresh water how are we to live?! Do you think going out on the boats today again is going to catch us any water, fresh water? It’s always the same salt, salt everywhere in the water!” The whine of Solarus Spinken from the movie Boats 2022.

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Simple tool these canoes are, sitting in color on the lakeside waiting …

waiting for adventure, and hand powered crossing over water, as if we belonged there in the serenity.

Hoping for a new day, as the sunrises spreading orange everywhere, even on the red canoe, recoloring it’s imperfections.

Sunrise Exercises

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Light, Give me the Light.

This was a simple set up to play with for a class, which we never used. So I played a bit after class.

Candle Mask

"The walk among the graves left me drained, as if the spirits could reach up and drag me away with them. I needed more light … light to beat back the darkness … but it just was not to be. I’m lost now in the darkness. Can you see, can you see the light? Light, give me the light!" Derk Phonalla bemoaning his parent’s death in the song Hold Me, by the Twin Druids, in the movie Passages.