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Mountain Ranges

Frost Mountains

Light plays on the frost making the mountains rise for the occassion.

A little water, a little cold, a little light … nothing plays so well together!

Smile Outloud
They'll wonder what you're up to!

They'll wonder what you're up to!

A test of the 27mm extension tube for marco work.

Laughing all the way.

Winter Nip

While the weather may have improved only to take a dive to the cold side, small miracles were evident in the sun.

Here a prolific rose bush, scared by the freezing temperatures of last week for days on end, still pumps out the colour …

lined with brown lines of death.

Small beauties are the most difficult to sideline or ignore.


Rose Froze

Sometimes the end approaching brings out the best in us … and then it’s the promise of renewal that carries us.

Where’ve you been today? What scars are yours? Are you ready for renewal? Careful with the answer … it may take you where you least intended to go.

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