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An old view, a new vision

Christmas Eve Candlelight provides great opportunities to catch a candle shot.


This also marks the first post from a new system that should enable more posts in the coming weeks.

Snowy People

It’s been cold. So cold my camera did not work when I picked it up off the seat next to me to shoot the sun setting.

People Alongside the Snowy Road

These people probably do not mind the cold. Where would they be without it.

That would be just as gas.

Or a drink.

Snowy Road … COLD

The submarine winter hits hard on the prairies. Early October we get wind and snow. Then a great fall. But we’re paying now with minus 30, windchill -40, for a week now with highs at -20 maybe on a good day. Today it’s a high of -26.

So what does one do?

One gets out the camera and goes shooting. Okay, on the fly one carries the camera along as one dashes to get errands done, fix broken systems, prep more for the “real winter” still coming?! and when one sees a photo one stops just long enough to curb the craving to spend a day at it as in the good old days when work was short and money was shorter. (Now time is short and money is still shorter.)

First Cold: Snowy Road

And old winter does not disappoint.

(Processing files has been interesting as the Dell service, Unisys via PC Place, has come and gone once again, replaced the CPU, heatsink, fan, motherboard. Which has stopped the cold dark move of the computer. Actually it was the hot, too hot, dead stop dark move. But the “new” screen still needs to be replaced again. Defect like a smudge on it. The part was in for service yesterday, but there’s no service person available, so I wait. – But at least I can process photos without going suddenly, fan roar,¬†oops,¬†dark.)