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A little light

Goes a long way on the ice.



Always a lively sky.

Looking around the corner we would see …

nothing. It’s too bright looking directly into the sun.

Holiday Moose

My sister gave me this neat little moose, dressed for the holidays.

So I set up the lights and sat down to use all the lenses to see the results.

The 70-300 did the best here:

Chocolate Moose

Now to either decide to consume the chocolate under this guy’s smiley exterior or to preserve it somehow.

Cute things ought to be other than chocolate … hmmm …. what to do!!!?

Night View

The times are good
as seen by mine
lots renewed now

still more to do.

This shaft of light caught my eye and with ISO I played with the results.


Taken in the dark of night with lights from the power plant illluminating the white landscape and colouring it all orange.