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Solitude on the Red

While at a retreat centre with lots of other boisterously funny people, all bursting with stress relief, I took an early morning walk to the river.

Up on to the flood dikes, along the top for a .5 mile and down across the .25 mileĀ approach to the river itself.

Across the rivere one could see these two houses, one huge castle-like and fancy, the other a small 2 story walkup

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Lights Come in All Directions

This one caught my eye.

The truck was low on gas, with barely enough to make it home.

But this had to be done. So I backed up, took the mile detour and spent a bit of time trying different views, working the different possibilities.

For the class I tried a different camera orientation, and with the 18mm zoom it works nicely.

Who would have thought a mid afternoon shadow from a solitary tree and a windswept field would provide this?

Unless you’ve done something similar before … many times.

Sticking It

I had this photo, from a few years ago, to which someone pointed out things could have been lined up better.

Occasionally I get the opportunity to try this photo again, but the light is not quite the same.

Still it’s a great exercise to see what is possible. And how difficult it is to control the line up.

These are three taken inĀ a series, as fast as the camera will.

The challenge is, on a great light day, to line up the church steeple with the peak of the barn.

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